Charcuterie Boards: A Love Language for Valentine’s Day (and Beyond!)

In 2024, we’re throwing away the classic Valentine’s Day schedule. Fancy dinner, champagne and roses are all wonderful gifts to receive, but the real treat is a deep dive into the sensual art of food – charcuterie. Everyone loves a chocolate-covered strawberry, but have you ever tried a platter of delicious, savoury appetite teasers? From soft, creamy cheeses to salty, smoked meats and juicy olives, the palette of flavours you find on a charcuterie board will tantalise your senses. This Valentine’s Day, spend quality time with your loved one speaking the language that needs no words: the delectable dialect of the charcuterie board.

No longer just the domain of fancy cafes and picnic outings, charcuterie boards are a delightful exploration of flavours, textures, and artistry, perfect for setting the mood for a romantic evening in. Imagine flickering candlelight, soft music, and a mouthwatering spread, all laid out before your special someone.

But wait – what exactly is a charcuterie board, you ask? In many ways, it’s like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with sweet and savoury colours. You could think of it as a culinary love letter, laden with delicious treats that you and your partner can feed one another. Charcuterie exists across the world under different monikers, like smorgasbord, grazing platter and others. Each region puts their own spin on it and the best part is – you can do the same with your own! Add regional and imported delights in combination with fresh and dried fruits, along with your favourite snacks and you’ve got yourself a charcuterie board!

Are you drooling yet? Well, here’s some good news. In this blog, we’re giving you the guide to building a romantic and playful charcuterie board, customised for the perfect date night. But wait a second, isn’t charcuterie just a bunch of snacks on a board? Well, simply put – yes. While there is no right or wrong way to lay out a grazing platter, a helpful rule of thumb is the 3-3-3-3 rule. This is a reminder to make sure the contents of your charcuterie are divided into equal ratios of meats, cheeses, starches and accompaniments with at least 3 of each.

Here are some ideas for each part of the board:

Imported Italian Cold Cuts

Meats are an important part of any grazing platter, and at Food Delite, we bring delicious premium cuts of meat from Italy’s best delis to bring authentic flavour to your charcuterie. When adding premium cold cuts to your board, make sure that you have a variety of preparations that build a wide spectrum of flavour. Try adding a mix of aged, cured and smoked cuts to bring more complex flavour profile to your platter:

Spicy Salami is a classic but reliable flavour, bringing a spicy kick to your board.

Parma Ham is an Italian favourite, especially when freshly sliced upon order’s receival!

Bresaola Valtellina Cured Loin is a staple charcuterie meat, salted and cured for a deep and delicious flavour.

These meats celebrate the heritage craft of cold-cut meats, with some of them coming from the most renowned meat processors in Italy. All meats from Food Delite are freshly cut and packaged in eco-friendly materials, to ensure maximum freshness without environmental damage. 

Premium Fresh Cheeses

When it comes to the cheese section of the platter, you can really spread your wings in terms of flavour. Whether it’s a tangy, soft cheese or an aged, chewy one – cheese ties everything together. At Food Delite, we take pride in preparing freshly portioned cheese for every order, so that your charcuterie is simply packed with flavour.

Smoked Scamorza Cheese is a traditional Southern Italian stretched-curd cheese made from cow’s milk, with sour smoky notes and a sweet undertone that pairs well with most cured meats.

Pecorino Toscano Aglio uses sheep’s milk, straight from the pastures of the Crete Senesi area, where the animals are also bred. This pecorino is sprinkled with dried garlic and red chilli peppers, adding heat to the earthy cheese.

Gorgonzola is a premium Italian blue cheese, aged slow and long for deep flavour. It is soft and crumbly with hints of sweetness and pairs superbly with fresh fruit and cured meats.


Starches & Accompaniments To Complete Your Charcuterie

While cold cuts and cheeses are the stars of the show, don’t forget to add starches like crackers, pita, sourdough bread, and lavash. 

For accompaniments, throw in some roasted nuts like almonds, cashews and macadamia and freshly sliced fruit like mango, apple and figs! You can also pile a small bowl with olives, and add a touch of sweetness with dried fruits, truffle honey, or even a dollop of dark chocolate. To add some zest and tanginess to the palate, add caper fruits and caviar – adding salty and umami flavours to the board.

To make it truly personalised, add some foods that you know your partner loves. It could be a certain type of chocolate, dip or snack – there are no rules! Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected flavour combinations, like cheese and this delicious pear & vanilla jam.

Presentation is Key:

Now that you have all the ingredients for a perfect board, remember that presentation is key! Arrange your meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables in an aesthetically pleasing way, using different heights and textures to create visual interest. Make sure that you have a variety of colours on the plate as well, for both nutritional and aesthetic value.

You can also use garnishes like sprigs of rosemary, and basil leaves, and edible flowers like blue peas and marigolds, to add freshness and elegance. Not only do these garnishes add an aesthetic dimension, but they also complement the flavours of the charcuterie and cheeses, adding an extra layer of sensory enjoyment. Taste the medley of love as each flavour melts upon your tongue.

From Love to Lasting Memories With Food Delite:

Say ‘I love you’ with the language of deliciousness. A charcuterie board is more than just a meal; it’s an experience, a conversation starter, and a chance to create lasting memories with your loved one. Light the candles, put on some music, and let your taste buds do the talking. Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy adventures!

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