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Are your tastebuds ready to embark on an adventure like no other? At Food Delite, our shelves are overflowing with authentic Italian treasures waiting to be discovered. In this blog we leave behind the mundane marinara and penne – and we’re diving deeper, unearthing 7 unique Italian ingredients that will transport you straight to the cobbled streets of Italy.

  1. Anchovies:

The tiny yet mighty flavour bombs of the ocean! But don’t let their size fool you. These delectable anchovies pack an umami punch that elevates pizzas, pastas, and sauces to a whole new level. Imagine a simple spaghetti aglio e olio transformed by the salty kiss of anchovies, its complexity blooming on your palate. Or, picture a wood-fired pizza, its rich tomato base dotted with these briny gems, each bite bursting with savoury satisfaction. A sprinkle of these go a long way, and Food Delite offers a variety of options to suit your taste.

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Anchovies Of Cetara In Salt

Anchovies of Cetara In Oil

Marinated Anchovy Fillets in Oil

Try using it in: Pastas, on top of pizza and as a snack!

  1. Bluefin Tuna:

Red Tuna Ventresca, the most coveted cut of a Bluefin Tuna fish, is renowned for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and exceptional flavour. Nestled along the tuna’s belly, Ventresca boasts an abundance of lipids, infusing it with richness and a unique buttery smoothness. Beyond tantalising taste buds, it’s a treasure trove of Omega-3s.

Our Ventresca isn’t just any ordinary delicacy. Steeped in centuries-old tuna fishing traditions, Cetara’s artisans have mastered the art of preserving this exceptional cut. Using time-honoured methods, they meticulously hand-process and slice the tuna. It is a must-try Italian delicacy. 

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Bluefin Tuna Belly Of Cetara 

Try using it in: Pasta, fresh salad or tatar.

  1. Truffle Sauce & Carpaccio: 

Imagine the earthy, intoxicating aroma of fresh truffles, gracing your dishes throughout the year. That’s the magic of preserving truffles in extra virgin olive oil. Food Delite’s truffle sauce is crafted with real Italian truffles, bringing deep, earthy flavour to your kitchen. With our carpaccio-style slices, you can use these thinly sliced black summer truffles preserved in high-grade olive oil all-year round. While not quite the same as fresh truffles, it captures their essence perfectly, offering a convenient alternative. 

You can choose to use the sauce instead of the carpaccio slices too. Drizzle this decadent sauce over risotto, infuse it into creamy polenta, or even use it to add a touch of truffle magic to roasted vegetables. Truffles have a powerful aroma and a distinctive flavour, so make sure you use it with a light hand!

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Carpaccio Style Truffle Slices in Extra Virgin Oil

Truffle Sauce

Try using it in: On pizza, in an open-face sandwich, in tortellini or as traditional carpaccio!

  1. Golden Sterlet Caviar: 

Deep within European rivers and lakes, lives an elusive creature – the Sterlet sturgeon. Unlike its behemoth cousins, the Sterlet is petite, yet holds a prized secret: caviar of unmatched quality. But among Sterlet caviar, one reigns supreme: Golden Sterlet Caviar. The tiny, delicate pearls have a mesmerising golden hue, each bursting with a creamy, nuanced flavour. 

This isn’t your average caviar. It’s a rarity born from albino sturgeon, so fragile they dwell in deep, protected waters. Reaching maturity takes at least eight years, a testament to the patience and dedication required to produce this culinary treasure. Caviar is a versatile ingredient and can be used in a number of ways. 

Available upon pre-order:

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Golden Sterlet Caviar

Try using it in: Oysters, on toast with creamy cheese, on crackers as an appetiser.

  1. Spelt:

Spelt, the ancient grain that fueled the Roman Empire, is making a triumphant return to our kitchens, and with good reason! Packed with a treasure trove of vital nutrients, this versatile ingredient goes beyond historical appeal and offers a delicious path to enhanced well-being. Spelt is brimming with B vitamins for energy and nervous system function, magnesium for tranquillity, phosphorus for strong bones, and selenium, the antioxidant champion.

But there’s more to this comeback kid than just impressive nutrient stats. Spelt also boasts a remarkable amount of gut-friendly fibre, nourishing your microbiome and promoting digestive health. And for those who may find regular wheat challenging, spelt might just be the answer. While it does contain gluten, many find it easier to digest, allowing them to enjoy its unique nutty flavour and satisfying texture without discomfort.

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Spelt Pearled

Try using it in: Substitute the rice in a burrito, use it instead of oats in your porridge, or replace the bulghur in tabbouleh!

  1. Wild Boar Ragu:

Craving a taste of the wild? Indulge in our Wild Boar Ragu! We hand-select the finest cuts of wild boar, pork shoulder, and veal leg, slow-cooking them with fragrant herbs and extra virgin olive oil for a minimum of 3 hours. Rich tomato pulp joins the symphony of flavours, simmering for an additional 5 hours to create a truly unforgettable sauce. Dive into rustic Italian perfection, bursting with depth and character. Gluten-free and guaranteed to satisfy your adventurous palate.

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Wild Boar Ragù 

Try using it in: Spaghetti bolognese.

  1. Artichokes:

Gone are the days of battling spiky artichokes! Food Delite offers pre-sliced and marinated artichoke hearts, a vegetable that’s hard to find in Thailand. Our pre-packed options are ready to add a touch of sophistication to pizzas, salads, or antipasti platters. It’s convenience without compromising on authentic Italian taste. Add it to an antipasto platter adorned with these marinated artichoke hearts, their tangy flavour mingling with cured meats and cheeses. Food Delite’s sliced artichokes are the perfect way to bring a taste of Italy to your table, effortlessly!

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Grilled Artichokes

Sliced Artichokes

Try using it in: Salads, on pizza.

So, what’s holding you back? Try our authentic Italian ingredients in your very own recipes today and impress your friends & family with your creative and sophisticated cooking skills. Shop Food Delite and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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