How Team Food Delite Discovers Premium Italian Ingredients

In a world that prioritizes profit over people, Food Delite is one company that values quality over quantity! This means that we search far and wide for the best Italian ingredients available. Born from a dream to bring premium Italian groceries to Thailand, Food Delite is motivated by the desire to share the rich and authentic flavour of Italian cuisine from the heart of Southeast Asia – Bangkok.

At Food Delite, we never compromise on quality and, with a team of food lovers that are all equally obsessed with Italian food, we can say with confidence that we understand the culinary heritage & culture of Italy at a visceral level! Today, we take you on a journey into the process behind Food Delite’s procurement process, allowing you to peek behind the curtain and see how we bring delicious treats & tantalizing flavours to Thailand straight from the abundant land of Italy!

Join us in an exclusive interview with our Business Development Manager Laura Burini, as we discuss the importance of selective procurement, the culture of cultivation itself, and emphasis on PDO, PGI, organic and monocultivar produce.


Question: What motivates and inspires the Food Delite team to bring Italian ingredients to Thailand?

Laura Burini: The company’s owner moved to Thailand while looking for new job opportunities in a different market than Europe. Truth is he wasn’t in a food related industry. Phuket has always been a major international tourism destination, and he soon realized people were curious and passionate about our Italian heritage and food. It was also the industry which was growing faster at that time. Fun fact – The very first ingredient he brought in was White Fior Di Latte Mozzarella which was never seen in Thailand before!That’s how everything started. We were the first ones in Thailand to begin this activity. When our owner moved here it was a complete shift. He sort of jumped into it, and embraced it.


Q How do you decide which Italian ingredients to bring to the FD shop?

LB: The selection has been thoughtfully sourced as none of these products were available in the market when we started. While everyone focused on volume and competitive pricing , we treasured quality and niche segments. The business was developed based on the Chefs’ requests to bring unique products to this market. Our role has been to build a bridge between all those small producers that Italy is so dotted with: micro, small-scale, passion-driven farmers and producers of the highest quality ingredients, whose products and recipes constantly change and differ according to regions.


Q From where do you procure these specialised Italian ingredients?

LB: Our ingredients are sourced all over Italy. We focus on products in the PDO, PGI, Organic and Monocultivar / Monovarietal categories. These are international authenticity certifiers and aspects that characterise the quality of products. All items are imported from Europe, mainly Italy, and are highlights of regional specialties.


Q Food Delite places a lot of emphasis on the origin of the product and the story behind it. Why do you feel this is important?

LB: At Food Delite, we are proud to offer the best Italian products made by our regional farmers and companies in Italy. We choose to work with producers who share our passion for offering the highest quality food, helping us deliver extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Burrata from Puglia, bottarga and slow air-dried pasta to your doorstep. Our entire product selection is directly imported by our partner company – this allows us to guarantee you the best offer and food traceability. We carefully select our products, making sure to bring items that are tailored to the Thai market and representative of the iconic standards of Italian excellence.


Q What are some of your favourite authentic Italian groceries available at Food Delite? Can you share your top 5?

LB: Our favourite has to be the wide range of Extra Virgin Olive Oil we offer, as we cover a regional journey of Italy with the highest selection of monocultivar, organic, award-winning E.V.O. oil. Most people think of it as the final touch / twist to a dish. We like to think of it as an ingredient with different tastes, personality, qualities. When added to a dish, we want to ensure our customers will experience that. Each of our E.V.O. oils have great character and unique qualities, which are the inimitable expression of our land.  At Food Delite, we lean on the trifecta of nature, knowledge and passion. Prosciutto di Parma, Burrata, Tuna Fillets, Pasta are definitely part of our top categories as well!

If you’re still reading this, that means you’re a certified Italian food lover, obsessed with quality, certifiable origin and authentic flavour! Discover delicious food procured straight from the most dedicated farmers and producers of Italy with Food Delite! Scan the QR code below and explore the decadence of true Italian cuisine with us.


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