Vegan Delights: Exploring Plant Based Italian Ingredients

There are many reasons why someone might be vegetarian or vegan. It could be for religious or cultural reasons, health or environmental reasons, or simply for a change in routine. While eating meat is a predominant part of many culinary cultures across the world, a culturally rooted plant-based diet can be few and far between. What’s worse, a lot of plant-based cuisine is underrepresented due to a lack of awareness. Because of this, vegetarians and vegans often miss out on some of the best cuisine in the world. Is this fair? We hardly think so! That’s why we’ve carefully picked out some of the most unique Italian ingredients on our website that are vegetarian and vegan friendly! Ready to discover some delicious plant-based treats with us? Let’s dive in!

Discover Vegan Italian Ingredients at Food Delite:

Bauer Vegetable Stock Cubes: Building Italian Flavour

The foundation of any great Italian dish is a flavorful broth. Food Delite’s Bauer Vegetable Stock Cubes are a fantastic option for creating a rich and savory base. Made with a blend of dehydrated vegetables, sunflower oil, and a touch of iodized salt, these cubes are free from artificial flavors, MSG, and hydrogenated fats. Simply dissolve a cube in hot water to create a base for soups, stews, or even to enhance the flavor of your favorite pasta dishes. These cubes are an excellent hack for when you don’t have a full pantry of authentic Italian ingredients – nobody will be able to tell the difference!

Shop the Bauer Vegetable Stock Cubes at Food Delite.

Bauer Porcini Stock Cubes: Building An Umami Base

Made with real porcini mushrooms and a blend of vegetables, these cubes are a convenient way to add depth of flavor to your cooking. These cubes can be used similarly to the Vegetable Stock Cubes. Simply dissolve a cube in boiling water to create a rich mushroom broth for soups and stews, and add a delicious complexity to even the simplest risottos. The Bauer stock cubes are healthy, versatile and best of all – elevate any dish with almost zero effort.

These stock cubes are also an excellent shortcut for when your pantry is fresh out of Italian ingredients or whole mushrooms! Shop the Bauer Porcini Stock Cubes at Food Delite.

Zuppa del Borgo Mix: Italian Groceries Best Kept Secret

Italian cuisine boasts a beautiful selection of beans and legumes, each with its own unique texture and flavor profile. However, dishes like Zuppa del Borgo, which is a soup made from a variety of lentils and legumes, are often overlooked in favour of more meat-heavy and cheesy dishes. But don’t worry – we’re here to spill the beans! Yes, pun intended.

We offer the Zuppa del Borgo Mix, a convenient pre-mixed bag of Italian goodness featuring flat beans, lentils, barley & more. This protein and fiber-packed blend is perfect for creating hearty and satisfying soups, stews & salads that are ideal for the winter. To use the Zuppa del Borgo Mix, just soak the beans for an hour, rinse them out and then simmer in water or your favorite broth until tender. Add your favorite vegetables & herbs for a complete and nourishing meal!

Since this dish is not so well known outside of Italy, it’s sure to impress anyone with a knowledge of authentic Italian ingredients! Shop the Zuppa del Borgo Mix at Food Delite.

Porcini Dry Mushrooms: A Touch of Forest Magic

One thing that is an absolute must for every plant-based diet is a diverse variety of mushrooms! Mushrooms add texture and protein, and can be used in almost anything. Chop them up duxelle style, pull them into strips like chicken or batter fry them! They’re versatile and delicious. Porcini mushrooms are one of those Italian ingredients that can add authenticity to any pasta dish!

Boletus Edulis, more commonly known as porcini mushrooms, are commonly incorporated into traditional and modern Italian cuisine. Its natural flavour combined with its ability to absorb the flavour of a dish make it an ideal choice. At Food Delite, we procure the finest porcini mushrooms from Italy and dehydrate them to ensure a long shelf life. They’re also pre-sliced, making them an absolute dream to cook with.

To use, just soak the dried mushrooms in warm water for 20-30 minutes until they rehydrate. Use the softened mushrooms in your favourite risottos and pastas, or chop them up into canapés for a mouthwatering appetizer. Pro tip – You can finely grind the dried mushrooms to create a flavorful powder to add to sauces or pasta dishes.

Shop the Porcini Dry Mushrooms at Food Delite.

Carnaroli Rice: Risotto Perfection

No exploration of Italian ingredients is complete without a perfect risotto! Food Delite offers Carnaroli Rice, a prized short-grain variety grown in the rich plains of Northern Italy. Unlike other rice varieties, Carnaroli rice has a unique pearl-like center that remains firm even after cooking, releasing starches that create a luxuriously creamy texture in risotto. This characteristic is due in part to the unique growing conditions of the Carnaroli rice.

This unique rice is cultivated in Italy in areas where the landscape transitions from porous to nonporous soil at the boundary between hills and plains, and excess underground water resurfaces, forming what are called ‘risorgive’. These natural springs arise due to the underlying geology and create a landscape flush with mineral-rich water, providing the perfect environment to cultivate rice.

Shop Carnaroli Rice at Food Delite.

Antipasto Pantesco: Beyond the Main Course

Don’t forget the finishing touches! Food Delite’s most popular Antipasto Pantesco is a mix of sun-dried tomatoes, olives, capers and cucunci – a delightful way to add a burst of Mediterranean flavor to any dish. Enjoy the Antipasto Pantesco on its own, on top of sourdough bread, a piece of semi-aged Pecorino or simply drizzle over to add a salty and tangy flavor to pasta dishes, salads, or risottos.

Shop Antipasto Pantesco at Food Delite.

As we come to the end of the road of this culinary journey, it reveals a fascinating truth – the cheese-filled, meat-centric dishes associated with Italian cuisine are a mere shadow of the country’s true culinary heritage. Each region of this ancient land boasts its own unique traditions, many of which delight vegetarians, vegans & meat-eaters alike with indulgent and nutritious plant-based cuisine. Step into the world of plant-based Italian ingredients with us!

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