Gourmet Gifts for Creative Home Cooks Who Love Pasta

Forget diamonds and cashmere – home cooks want gourmet ingredients! If you have a passionate and creative home cook in your life, we guarantee that what they want most is to upgrade their pantry.  

Pasta is a global favorite, making it synonymous with Italian cuisine. While making your own pasta can be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, it’s also messy and time consuming. Food Delite offers a range of exquisitely crafted pasta, allowing you to take your home cooked pasta dishes to new heights – effortlessly.

Squid Ink Pasta For Flawless Presentation

Squid ink pasta is a delicacy that can be dated back centuries, and although its exact origins are unknown it’s believed to have health benefits too. According to ancient medicine and scientific studies alike, squid ink contains antioxidants and antibiotic properties which help boost immunity and reduce blood pressure.

Moreover, squid ink pasta is a delight for chefs because of its dramatic jet black appearance. It makes a statement on a plate and creates deep visual contrast when paired with other colorful ingredients. The flavor of squid ink is neutral, with a hint of umami that it retains from the ocean.

Morelli’s squid ink linguine and fusilli elevates any pasta dish, creating an elegant combination of flavor and visual delight.


The Right Pasta Shapes For The Right Masterpiece

Many people don’t realize the importance of choosing the right type of pasta, but your home cook friend definitely will. Each sauce calls for a differently shaped pasta and preparation. It can be confusing but ultimately there is one rule to follow – the weight of the pasta must match the weight of the sauce. A delicate sauce must be paired with thin and light pasta like spaghetti or angel hair pasta, and heavier sauces call for a sturdier pasta like fusilli and orecchiette. 

Food Delite offers a variety of options, each one as enticing as the next. Gift your pasta fiends with a bouquet of pasta instead of flowers! Pick a combination of unique pastas like orecchiette, fettuccine, tagliatelle and conchiglioni along with the classic varieties like penne, fusilli and spaghetti.


Making Pasta Fun For Children

Do you know young, aspiring chefs? Or a tiny human who’s a pasta lover? Children can be picky eaters and pasta is often one of the few dishes they enjoy, because of its delicious and mild flavor. Adding a pop of color to the menu adds a dash of fun to the meal, making it more enticing for a young child.

Morelli’s multicolored fiocchetti is an ingenious solution. This makes a lovely gift for young chefs or those with children at home. You can also try tricolor tagliatelle for little ones who love a long noodle. The colors are derived from natural ingredients and add a playful element to any lunch and dinner!

Pasta Solutions For Gluten Allergies

These days, gluten allergies and celiac disease are becoming an increasingly common problem. This is partly because of the overuse of this grain in processed foods, and partly because the percentage of gluten has shot up over the years due to seed hybridization. 

If you struggle with celiac disease, allergies to gluten or generally prefer to avoid wheat flour,  the market offers top tier gluten-free options that have the Italian stamp of approval. If you love to dig into a hearty bowl of pasta but want to skip the gluten, Morelli’s corn & rice flour pasta and La Rosa’s fusilli never fails to impress! We also enjoy a rich bowl of risotto which, although not technically pasta, is one of the more elegant preparations in Italian cuisine that happens to also be gluten free.


Protein Powered Pastas For Carb-Haters

Do you know someone who struggles with diabetes? Or someone who loves pasta but hates carbs? An ingenious solution for this problem presents itself in high-protein flour pastas. While the traditional Italian chef may run in the opposite direction, lentil and pea flour pastas are an excellent option for those who want to reduce the carbohydrate content in their food, while enjoying fine Italian flavor. 

If you know someone who checks this box  try gifting them Morelli’s red lentil fusilli or  Morelli’s chickpea strozzapreti. They will thank you later. Another truly special product is Fiber Pasta, founded in Italy by Giuseppe Polverini. With a low glycemic index, high fiber pasta, this product is a dream come true for people with diabetes who prefer the traditional whole wheat flavor. 

For the cheese connoisseur:

Cheese is a pivotal part of Italian cuisine, and a generous helping of cheese adds joy to any pasta dish. Cheese is an inherent part of Italian cuisine, making it an integral part of a home cook’s pantry. Cheese adds texture to a preparation, whether it’s creamy or stringy. It adds a subtle flavor and can enhance the tanginess of a dish without being overpowering. A well-aged or smoked cheese can help layer more nuanced flavors to a pasta, building up a distinct flavor profile.Cheeses make a heartwarming gift option, and are a welcome treat for any home cook! 

There are many ways to use cheese with pasta. For instance, a saffron pecorino with black pepper is a delicious addition to salads adding a crunchy freshness to dinner.Our sheep milk ricotta with black truffle is an exquisite and rare cheese that is a must-try if you love aged cheese from Tuscany. Add slices to your dish for a deep umami flavor. The world is your oyster with the abundant choices handpicked by Food Delite. 


Remember, it’s always a good idea to personalize your gift choices based on the recipient’s individual preferences and dietary needs. Thoughtfulness goes a long way with a foodie! If you’re spoilt for choice and feel confused about which direction to go in, we recommend our special gift hampers. Skip over the complicated picking and choosing, and gift your foodie friends and family with a carefully assembled gift basket from us. Buon appetito!

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