Unlock Italian Perfection: A Guide to Illy Coffee Machines

The journey of coffee started in Ethiopia and today it has been across the world. This ancient bean surely has many stories to tell. When traders carried its magic to Italy, it took root in the bustling cafes of Venice. Today, a new wave of coffee lovers seek out the perfect beans for brewed perfection, reviving the love for a simple, delicious cup. Illy Caffé has been a significant contributor to the history of modern coffee.

From 1933, the Illy family brewed a coffee revolution. Francesco’s “illeta” machine paved the way for modern espresso, while his pressurized packaging sealed in freshness for exports. His son, Dr. Ernesto, ignited scientific research, creating pre-measured pods and revolutionary bean selection methods. Their passion bloomed into the iconic illy Art Collection and Brazil Award, making illy synonymous with premium coffee in over 140 countries, now led by Francesco’s grandson, Andrea, who carries the torch of innovation and coffee excellence.


Bringing Italy Home: Food Delite and Illy Coffee

Do you miss the taste of Italian espresso? Do you crave a smooth and delicious coffee experience every morning? Are you craving the authentic Italian espresso experience right here in your Thai home? If your answers are yes, yes and YES, then one of the best investments you can make is an Illy coffee machine. 

Bring home one of Illy’s precision coffee machines, and enjoy the luxuriant flavor of Italian coffee from the comfort of your home. With Food Delite’s online store, you can now get your Illy fix delivered straight to your doorstep. From the compact Illy Capsule Y3.3 to the high power Illy Capsule X2.2, you can choose the machine that suits your caffeine needs best. But what should you consider while buying a machine?


If you’re looking for a coffee machine that’s compact and cute…

We recommend the Illy Y3.3 which is available in a lively range of colors like bright red, powder blue and soft white. These machines may be small, but don’t let their size fool you! They pack quite the punch. The Y3.3 uses illy’s iperEspresso coffee capsules and has 2 operations to make an espresso or large cup of brewed coffee, depending on your preference. The minimalist design allows you to fit it anywhere, and is especially useful if you have a small kitchen or kitchenette. 

We love the sleek design and playful pop of color! Prepare a full-bodied espresso with a rich crema with just the touch of a button. If you prefer pod machines to capsule but don’t want a bulky machine taking up counter space in your kitchen, try the Illy ESE machine, available in deep black and bright red.


If you’re looking for a compact and programmable coffee machine…

Get ready for café-perfect espresso with the Illy X7.1, a compact but powerful machine inspired by 1960s Italian design. Its sleek curves boast a modern control panel for effortless brewing which allows you to go from rich espresso to creamy comfort with ease. Form meets function in the X7.1, with advanced technology like the steel thermoblock which ensures consistent temperature, while the Pannarello wand crafts luscious milk foam for cappuccinos and lattes. Its two-stage process delivers intensely aromatic espresso with a velvety crema, while the convenient capsules mean minimal clean-up. 

This machine is perfect for those who enjoy espresso and cappuccino in equal measure, and is a strong first step into the world of home kitchen coffee machines.

If you want a coffee machine that looks stunning and delivers quality every time…

The legendary Illy X1 returns, reimagined for today with the anniversary edition. Inspired by 1960s Italian flair, its sinuous curves house cutting-edge technology that can brew  espresso, smooth coffee, and creamy cappuccinos with ease. The X1 Anniversary dances from rich espressos to frothy lattes, and thanks to its clever dual iperEspresso capsules it needs no barista. The removable cup tray adapts to espresso cups and mugs, making every coffee ritual convenient and clean.

This isn’t just a machine, it’s a legacy. With 20 years of design evolution and 80 years of Illy coffee passion poured into every cup, this machine is celebrated as the pinnacle of coffee excellence.

If you need a powerhouse coffee machine for many people…

Then Illy X2.2 is the caffeinated upgrade you need. This machine is the titan of coffee machines, designed to brew up to 100 cafe-quality espresso per day. This machine is perfect for small cafes or hospitality settings. Simple to handle, even by newcomers, it delivers consistent excellence with minimal fuss. The new flow meter ensures precise espresso volume – just pop in an Iperespresso capsule and watch the magic happen, cup after cup.

Because of its large size, we recommend using this machine if your kitchen has a high demand for consistently excellent coffee.

More Than Just Coffee: Your Gateway to Italian Flavor

Food Delite isn’t just about coffee; it’s your Italian grocery heaven. So, ditch the instant coffee and embrace the art of Italian coffee culture. Food Delite and Illy are your partners in bringing a little bit of Italy to your Thai kitchen.

So, the next time you crave a coffee, go beyond the latte and embrace the art of Italian coffee culture. With Food Delite, Illy, and a healthy dose of an explorer’s spirit, you too can become a coffee connoisseur. Find all of Illy’s professional and amateur equipment here.

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