A Fusion Fiesta with Italian Ingredients

Ever tried to explain pesto to your auntie who thinks basil only belongs in green curry? Or convinced your Italian nonna that pad thai isn’t just spicy spaghetti? Surprisingly, Italy meets Asia in an epic fusion.

Try some fusion-inspired pasta bowls and open the flavour gates! This culinary adventure lets you mix and match cultures through ingredients, creating unique dishes.

Now, finding these fancy Italian ingredients might sound like searching for a tuk-tuk in Tuscany, but guess what? You don’t need to hop on a plane! Just head online to Food Delite – your one-stop shop for all things Italian, delivered straight to your door. No visa issues, no jet lag, just authentic ingredients that will spark your culinary creativity.

So, are you ready to shake your taste buds awake? Dive into this list of must-try recipes and unleash your inner pasta Picasso!

Miso “Carbonara” 

If you want to try a non-traditional carbonara, have fun with this recipe! It was originally created by Chrissy Teigen and published in her book Cravings which was then adapted by a Youtuber, resulting in a delicious fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine. 

This dish brings a whole array of flavours to the table, combining a light Chinese miso with Indonesian sambal paste with Italian spaghetti, topped with delicious Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Try it with Guanciale, a special cured pork, for an authentic Italian taste! This meal is flavourful, savoury and carb-loaded – perfect to satisfy any pasta craving.

Click here for the recipe.

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Apulian-style baked rice with potatoes and mussels

This recipe requires very few ingredients and can be adapted to use whatever protein you like! It combines Italian rice and, grated Pecorino, bringing Italian flavours together with a “fusion’” zine featuring in the sauce. The wonderful thing about Italian rice is that it’s delicious and satisfying, and keeps you full for longer when compared to traditional local rice.

Click here for the recipe by Silvia Colloca

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You can also substitute the Carnaroli Rice for this exquisite Fontanili selection Rice.

Parma Ham & Mango Salad

This is a refreshing recipe that makes the most of the year-round supply of delicious, juicy mangoes we get in Thailand. This is a simple recipe, and while most flavours are Italian, it calls for the fresh ingredients that we often find in Thailand, like fresh mint, basil, mango and red onions. It’s super easy to make, and simple to assemble and can be made again and again with a few small tweaks to refresh the palate.

Once you’ve cut up your fresh produce for the salad, simply drizzle with a premium olive oil to elevate the dish. Discover our infused olive oils, which add another layer of complexity to the overall flavour of the salad.

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Spicy Crab Linguine

Spicy crab pasta is a surprisingly popular dish in Thailand, with many restaurants across the country offering it as a part of their main menu. The recipe is spicy, zesty and fresh all at the same time!

This dish is a favourite among natives from both countries, with the wheat linguine holding the spicy crab sauce. It’s a pretty straightforward dish but we’ve found you an easy recipe to follow. Try it with our organic Cappelli durum wheat semolina Linguine and add a bit of this crushed Calabrian hot pepper for a twist!

Click here for the full recipe by Samah Eats!

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Food Delite – The Best Italian Ingredients OnlineSo, Thai foodies and Italian mammas, ditch the culinary borders and embrace the cross-cultural mash-up. No need to even hop on a plane! Find all your Italian ingredients at Food Delite and bring home a piece of Italy right here in Thailand. You can simply order from the Food Delite website and rest assured that we deliver authentic goods straight to your door, making your next culinary adventure easy and convenient.

Eat well and live well, with the taste of Italy in your Thai kitchen!

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