A Guide To Premium Cheeses at Food Delite Bangkok

Cheese. It’s a simple word, yet it evokes a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas. But for those unfamiliar with the premium cheese realm, navigating the diverse offerings can feel like deciphering code.  However, to the culinary-curious we say – do not fear, Food Delite is here! This blog is your ultimate guide to the world of premium & fresh cheese, unlocking the secrets of this delectable world so that you can be fluent in cheese-speak.

Here, we dive into the handcrafted artistry of premium cheeses, where each bite is a journey through tradition, terroir, and heritage. But cheese isn’t just about the backstory. It’s about the explosion of flavour & texture on your palate. We’ll guide you through the art of pairing, unveiling the perfect partners for each kind of cheese.

So, whether you’re a cheese novice or expert, this guide is your invitation to embark on a delicious adventure. Get ready to unlock the wonders of premium cheese and discover a world of flavour waiting to be explored.

How & When To Serve Cheese

First things first. When is an appropriate time to serve cheese? Is there an inappropriate way to serve it? While there are no hard and fast rules, there are some cultural norms that surround cheese consumption. For example, cheese can be served as an appetiser at lunch or dinner, but it can also be served as an accompaniment to your evening aperitivo. If you pick the right cheese, you can even serve it as dessert!

When serving cheese, place it on a platter with a cheese knife. Make sure the cheese is at room temperature, for a full flavour. Cheese is hardly ever served alone, and is elevated by accompanying foods that take you on a sensory journey. Cheese pairing can be tricky, which is why we’ve summarised our top tips for you! Follow these simple guidelines to become a cheese pro:

The Basics of Cheese Pairing

The art of cheese pairing is like a delicate dance… A few steps out of sync and you can end up falling out of rhythm altogether. As a novice, cheese pairing can be an overwhelming task – so many flavours, so many options! However, there are some essential guidelines you can follow on your quest to become a formaggio connoisseur. Remember these simple rules, and you will be hailed for your gourmet know-how:

  • Bold Flavour Matches Bold Flavour: Strong cheeses demand bolder wines and beers, while mild ones are elevated with lighter options. If you are serving light and fresh cheeses, then opt for light beers and young wines. For more pungent cheeses, opt for a well-aged wine or spirit that has well-established flavour.
  • Texture Matters Too: Fresh cheeses pair well with light wines, and will even complement fruity beers, while ripened cheeses pair well with light to medium-bodied red wines, as well as lighter beers. When it comes to hard cheeses and blue cheeses, we opt for more robust flavour profiles in the drink of choice. Hard cheese pairs well with full-bodied red wines and darker beers while blue cheese pairs well with sweet dessert wines. When pairing foods, play around with different textures to enhance the taste of the cheese.
  • Contrast & Complementary Foods: Be brave and pair cheese with other foods that complement & contrast its flavours. Pair a salty cheese with sweet honey, or a creamy cheese with a crunchy cracker! For a full guide to creating the perfect charcuterie board or cheese platter, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and experiment with different foods.


5 Unique Cheeses On Food Delite & Their Ideal Pairings

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Aged 30 Months

Crafted with unwavering dedication and protected by PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status, our 30-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano embodies a legacy of Italian cheesemaking. Unlike younger counterparts, where notes of fresh milk dominate, this aged masterpiece is a melody of matured aromas. Far from a mere product, 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano is an experience waiting to be savoured. It’s a culmination of decades of tradition, an alchemy of time and taste, a conversation waiting to unfold on your palate.

How to serve it: Serve it cubed, or grate it on top of pasta, pizza and salads.

Pair it with: A full-bodied, dry red wine, with olives or cold cut ham.

Leaf-Wrapped Burrata Cheese

This imported, leaf-wrapped burrata cheese comes straight from Apulia (Puglia) in southern Italy.

With delicate and fresh flavours, Puglia’s soft sunshine is trapped within a delicate casing: creamy burrata cheese, swaddled in fresh leaves to preserve moisture. This cheese is made using the pasta filata method which stretches and pulls the milk curds to create elasticity in the cheese. This burrata has a creamy and silky heart with an elastic exterior that adds a stretchy texture to every bite. Its milky sweetness sings alongside a subtle, grassy whisper from the leaves. 

How to serve it: Serve it whole on a plate and drizzle it with olive oil and pepper, and paired with olives or cold cut ham.

Pair it with: A young and fruity white wine, or fruity beer and plain crackers! 

Caciocavallo Cheese

A cheese with a long history dating back centuries, cave-aged caciocavallo is a cheese connoisseur’s delight. This stretched cheese is made with cow’s milk and matured in volcanic caves, offering a flavour journey that is piquant, earthy, and complex. If you seek cheeses that push the boundaries of your palate, embark on this adventure!

How to serve it: Slice it thinly for sandwiches, or cube it onto a cheese platter. Also perfect on baked pasta or vegetable dishes. Try it on pizza too!

Pair it with: Jam, sweet fruit or cured pork, and a light wine.

Occelli Cheese

Beppino Occelli invites you to experience a cheese unlike any other. This limited-edition craft cheese undergoes a meticulous ageing process, culminating in a select few wheels wrapped with malted barley and whisky kisses. This cheese boasts a powerful, complex fragrance, and each bite reveals creamy & toasty flavours, beautifully interwoven with the subtle warmth of whisky. 

How to serve it: Crumble it over a salad or cube it onto a platter. 

Pair it with: A well-aged whisky, and smoked & cured cold cuts.

Gorgonzola Cheese

Gorgonzola is a veiny, blue cheese that originates from the Lombardy region of Italy, protected by PDO status. Its delicate yet pungent flavour is enhanced by sweet accompaniments, and used intentionally it can be a delicious accompaniment to steak, or used in a dressing sauce or in pasta. But this Gorgonzola isn’t just any blue cheese. Crafted from rich, unskimmed cow’s milk, this cheese offers a spectrum of textures and flavours.

How to serve it: Allow it to soften at room temperature, and serve with a knife. Add it to sauces and dressings to elevate any dish!

Pair it with: Fresh pear, walnuts and honey & soft white or red wine


Are you inspired yet? Discover new flavours and combinations, and let your inner chef run wild with imagination and exploration as you dive into the complex artistry of cheese with the passionate team at Food Delite. Leave a comment below with your favourite cheese pairing and join our culinary adventure!

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